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Study Number: TomCat

Spaulding Clinical Needs Research Volunteers

 Be a part of clinical research and help advance the potential cures of tomorrow.
Spaulding Clinical is currently looking for healthy male and female volunteers between the ages of 18 and 65, who have a Body Mass Index (BMI) between 18 and 35 to participate in a research study consisting of 1 period of confinement, lasting 3 days with 6 consecutive outpatient visits at our state-of-the-art facility in West Bend, Wisconsin. Those who qualify and complete the study may be eligible to receive compensation of up to $1,100, while enjoying ample recreation amenities and comfortable volunteer suites.
Study Dates:
Cohort 1 and 2:
Check In: Monday, August 4
Check Out: Wednesday, August 6
Outpatient Visits:
Thursday, August 7
Friday, August 8
Saturday, August 9
Sunday, August 10
Monday, August 11
Tuesday, August 12
Cohort 3:
Check In:  Thursday, August 7
Check Out: Saturday, August 9
Outpatient Visits:
Sunday, August 10
Monday, August 11
Tuesday, August 12

Wednesday, August 13
Thursday, August 14
Friday, August 15
Cohort 4:
Check In: Thursday, August 21
Check Out: Saturday, August 23
Outpatient Visits:
Sunday, August 24
Monday, August 25
Tuesday, August 26
Wednesday, August 27
Thursday, August 28
Friday, August 29
Screening Days:
Thursday, July 17 – cohort 1/2
Friday, July 18 – cohort 1/2
Monday, July 21 –cohort 3
Thursday, August 14 – cohort 4
Call 800.597.4507 or visit spauldingclinical.com today to volunteer!
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Spaulding Clinical. Research Beyond Results 


Study Number: METO-IN-005

Study Dates:

Cohort 1:
Check in: Wednesday, August 6
Check out: Wednesday, August 20
Cohort 2:
Check in: Sunday, August 17
Check out: Sunday, August 31
Screening Dates:
Monday, July 28 – cohort 1
Tuesday, July 29 –cohort 1/2
Wednesday, July 30 – cohort 2

Study Number: GS-US-281-1054 

Cohort 1:
Check in: Monday, July 21
Check out: Saturday, August 16
Follow up Phone Call: Tuesday, August 26

Screening Dates:
Monday, July 14
Tuesday, July 15

Cohort 2:
Check in:  Wednesday, July 30
Check out: Monday, August 25
Follow up Phone Call: Wednesday, September 3
Screening Dates:
Wednesday, July 23
Thursday, July 24

Study Number: GS-US-334-1111

Period 1:
Check In: Thursday, July 24
Check Out: Friday, August 8
Follow up phone call: Friday, August 15
Screening Dates: 
Wednesday, July 9
Thursday, July 10

Study Number: 747-108

Study Dates:

Cohort 1:

Check in: Monday, June 16

Check out: Sunday, June 22

Cohort 2:

Check in: Tuesday, June 17

Check out: Monday, June 23

Cohort 3: 

Check in: Tuesday, June 24

Check out: Monday, June 30

Cohort 4: 

Check in: Wednesday, June 25

Check out: Tuesday, July 1

Cohort 5: 

Check in: Wednesday, June 25

Check out: Tuesday, July 1

Cohort 6: 

Check in: Monday, July 7

Check out: Sunday, July 13
Cohort 7: 

Check in: Tuesday, July 8

Check out: Monday, July 14


Cohort 1:

Tuesday, June 3

Wednesday, June 4

Thursday, June 5 (morning)

Cohort 2:

Thursday, June 5 (afternoon)

Friday, June 6

Monday, June 9

Cohort 3:

Tuesday, June 10

Wednesday, June 11

Thursday June 12 (morning)

Cohort 4:

Thursday, June 12 (afternoon)

Friday, June 13

Monday, June 16

Cohort 5:

Tuesday, June 17

Wednesday, June 18

Cohort 6:

Monday, June 23

Tuesday, June 24

Cohort 7:

Wednesday, June 25

Thursday, June 26


Eligibility requirements are unique to each particular study and usually include criteria for age, sex and health history. Generally speaking, Spaulding Clinical recruits healthy male and female volunteers between the ages of 18-55. Female volunteers are usually required to be post-menopausal, surgically sterile or using two forms of contraception. Please contact our Recruitment Department to hear about the criteria for each specific study available.